December 15, 2005


Saurav Ganguly has again been dropped
Is this how his career will be chopped?
West Bengal’s Prince
It seems failed to convince
The selectors, who decided he has flopped!

NDTV 14/12/05: Former Indian captain Sourav Ganguly has been dropped from the Indian team for the third cricket Test against Sri Lanka beginning in Ahmedabad on December 18. Get the story here


  1. Anonymous11:25 AM

    I am actually quite OK with the fact that he got 'axed'. Agree he scored a few runs...but for god took forever.

    Others is the team are in better form than he is in..however I do doubt Gambhir's presence.

  2. he that lives by the willow
    shall by the board be undone
    ganguly returns to his pillow
    pawar begins to have his fun

    ps: you must be the most well read limerick person in history. salutes and smiles

  3. Anonymous6:04 PM

    First they want him to drop
    Cause he was nothing but a flop
    Now with (few) runs under his bum
    They want him to stay and have fun

    The Indian alsways ever-confusing.

  4. Hmm I don't have much clue about cricket (I know, I know it is a sin. Please don't kill me for it!) but I can see that Kolkata is quite heated up for sure!

  5. @Madhavan - Lol I wish I were :-))