December 21, 2005

Another park saga

The couples were sitting in the park
Cops came and beat them up for a lark
Soon public ire
Spread like wildfire
For Operation Romeo had gone wide of the mark!

MidDay 21/12/05: Taking a serious view of the beating of young couples by police personnel in a park in Meerut, the Uttar Pradesh government today suspended the Additional Superintendent of Police and the Circle Officer of the city, and ordered a high level inquiry into the incidents. Get the story here


  1. I wonder, what made Meerut police to undertake such "majnu" operation.

  2. lol that too with fierce female cops doing the beating!!

  3. yes, I saw that female cop size in news... her size itself would have done the thing. she didn't needed to raise her hand.

    or may be she was just getting jealous... lolzzz

    (aparna, you can delete this comment he he he)