November 30, 2005

Cricket politics

Despite his great erstwhile clout
Dalmiya has been voted out
Now those who backed
Saurav, have been sacked
Sharad Pawar is making changes, no doubt!

Saurav Ganguly's supporters, Pranob Roy, Yashpal Sharma and Gopal Sharma were all removed from the selectors panel on Tuesday after political heavyweight Sharad Pawar wrested control of the Indian cricket board from Jagmohan Dalmiya. Read about it here


  1. Because cricket is a funny game
    Of money, glory, infamy, fame
    The tables have turned
    A few fingers have burned
    Dalmiya is shown the gate
    And Sharad Pawar flouts his weight

    Howzzat? Newsmerick

  2. Oh wonderful! Am really glad to see you here :-)