October 31, 2005

On childcare

Women are having kids but there’s no dad
Reading this news left me quite sad
Child rearing is tough
So is one parent enough?
Let’s hope this isn’t a trend but merely fad!

Births to unmarried women hit record in the U.S. Get the story here

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  1. Congrats Tinkerbelle for being visited by the stork! I wish you all the joy in the world. Have seen the baby feet pic on your site but will wait to see the baby :-)

    I am not contradicting the joys of motherhood or even the idea of surrogate moms. And believe me I know the pain of parents who love kids but cannot have one of their own.

    However, the report (on which my post is based) says that while teenage pregnancies have gone down (which assumes that people are using protection) the percentage of young adult women who have a baby but no partner is going up.

    Reasons cited for the trend is that of cohabitation and delaying marriage. Thus it appears that women are entering relationships, having children and then one day it ends and the partner moves on, (without any legal hassles of maintenance)leaving her with the baby.

    This is not always the case of being a single parent by choice...it is also in my mind slightly different from the case of losing a partner due to death or divorce...

    It is sometimes just a shattered dream.. and a responsibility that was supposed to be shared by two people, being handled by one.

    And no, I am not blaming anybody for it but I do wish we leave a better world for our kids full of love, nurturing and laughter and yes, both a mom and a dad if we can afford it...