October 24, 2005

Oh onion!

Soon eyeballs will fall off their sockets
Seeing onion-price as it skyrockets
Neighbors are supplying
Additional onions for frying
But it's still burning holes in our pockets!

India to import onions from Pak, China: Get the story here


  1. Panicked cooks a-scramble
    Cooking, all in a shamble
    Now depressed and so poignant
    They forgot how the layered tyrant
    Used to make them cry and tremble

  2. Reminds me of '99 when I was in Delhi. We had a shortage back then as well. And I used to be so damn irritated, coz I so like onions! With every meal!

    Nice verse as usual, Aparna!

  3. Lol thanks Athena - during those days my dad said 'eat apples, they are cheaper!' :-)

  4. And Aparna, sorry for borrowing your space, but hey Gawker, nice place you got. I like the diversity of your topics. :)

    Somehow I couldn't post my comment back on your blog. :(

  5. lol no problems Athena. G has taken off the comment section as he will tell you so all compliments to be mailed only :-))

  6. Thanks for the compliments Athena. And thanks for stopping by. Yeah I had to remove comments. Not because of popularity though heh.