October 3, 2005

A lost cause

O Believer, do take a little pause
Answer me, what is your cause?
This mindless kill
What does it fulfill?
What makes you transcend all humane laws?

These strangers, living life with delight,
Mere pawns in your zihaadi fight.
An innocent lot
Caught in your plot
Martyred, as you turn Bali into a burial site!

Bali Bombings Kill at Least 25 in Tourist Spots: Get the story here


  1. Thank you for the kind words about the poems :-)

    I don't know if specifically it's a Hindu State which is at stake here...The poem would be equally valid in Iraq or any other place in the world where mindless killings are taking place in the name of religion, state, tribe and what not!

  2. David has posted an apt rejoinder to this piece on a Ryze network. Am posting his piece here so that others can read the same.

    The suicide-bomber aspires
    for startling show-stopping fires
    in this lethal play
    rehearsal? no way
    the actor declaims & retires

    It's quite an arresting display
    commingling spite with dismay
    the louder the blast
    the larger the cast
    the deeper the thrill of the fray

    No qualms for a lethal career
    no trembling -- channeling fear
    assembling bombs
    in secretive calms
    jihad connoisseurship is queer

    Each step toward the definite end
    indellibly cuts -- poems penned
    with terminal ink
    are etched on the brink
    of nothingness -- ready to send