October 19, 2005

For lack of training

Did you hear what Kakkar has said?
Indian men are terrible in bed.
If trained by an old dame
They could’ve mastered the game
But they preferred to watch cricket instead!

Myth: ‘Indian men are gifted lovers’: Get the story here


  1. Anonymous1:24 PM

    You said even better the Mr. Kakkar...lol.

  2. Theres no sexual autonomy
    In India, cause of the gender dichotomy,
    Thats why guys are bad in bed,
    The only education they've ever had,
    Was of female frog anatomy.

  3. Thanks Sakshi!

    Gawker you are way too cool :-) Just re-working it slightly - see if it reads better

    India lacks sexual autonomy
    'Coz of gender dichotomy
    In bed guys are bad
    For as training they had
    Only the female frog anatomy!

  4. Yes that is much better. Maybe I shouldn't have given up my day job.

  5. Lol, you mean you are going to write them by moonlight from now on? That would be moonlighting surely?