October 4, 2005

College wardrobe

Boys-wear dark trousers, light colored shirts
Girls-stay away from either jeans or skirts
Don’t be caught dead
In either black or red
Chennai has issued these new college alerts!

No jeans, skirts or red shirts. What next?: Get the story here


  1. heh heh
    As a chennaivasi, I have been fuming at this bit of news for the last week....but your post brought some laughs....

  2. Whats wrong with wearing the color red
    Would it really lead to a romp in the bed?
    Instead of putting boundaries
    On clothes, that would cause quandaries
    Just blindfold the entire city instead

  3. Thanks Apu :-)

    Gawker, that's a lovely verse ...packs in a punch! and so apt :-)