September 4, 2005

Of caste & violence

Again an upper caste ire
Set Dalit homes on fire
What leaves me aghast
Is that the issue of caste
Even today can such violence inspire!

After Guhana, it's Akola. Get the story here


  1. what a wonderful idea this is Aparna. Loved it totally. Great limerics!


  2. Thanks saltwater blues :-) Glad you liked this fun blog!

  3. When even bad news
    Succeeds to amuse..

    oh i couldnt complete that one :)...u are one big inspiration

  4. Anand, I don't know if all of them really amuse :-)

    A friend recently said that when I wrote about issues like this one, there should be more 'bite' visible. Will keep the feedback in mind, though as of now my reply remains as follows:

    My purpose is gently to pester
    Not dig deep wounds that fester
    So losing the bite
    I keep my tone light
    After all, I am a jester!