September 19, 2005


When Los Angeles suffers a bout
Of some couple of hours’ blackout
Concern overpowers; but in my city
Calcutta, we say with equanimity
‘It's just another transformer burnout’!

This week, twice in a row, my neighborhood saw power cuts lasting more than 10hours. On Friday, the power went off at 7am and was restored around 6pm. On Saturday, my house plunged into darkness at 10pm and power was restored around 4:30pm this afternoon.

As I write, some areas are still plunged in darkness (including my Net provider’s office) – a marathon 25hours and counting… no fan, no light, and no water. Yet, when I stepped out this evening, people were still celebrating Vishwakarma puja with zest.

Incredible India!

(Written on 18/9/05, 10:30pm)

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