September 12, 2005

Male Beauty & SRK

Shahrukh Khan midst petals of roses
In bathtub with a beauty soap reposes
This new ad for Lux
Will female fans flux
Is what Hindustan Lever supposes!

[Saw the ad on TV today, will reserve my comments for now. Incidentally Paul Newman was the first global male brand ambassador for Lux. But as Shahrukh points out, "I’m sure he wasn’t in a tub of water with rose petals around him.” I concur.]

Just learnt that 'Metrosexualism' is what drove HLL to rope in SRK for their new Lux campaign. Now that got me thinking...

Men who sometimes cower
From taking a regular shower
Will they now join the club,
Luxuriously soak in the tub?
Now that's my question of the hour :-)


  1. i'm sure this is gonna flop.

  2. Yes Sakshi, it is the trivial things in life that touch me and prompt me to talk about them :-)

    Kaps, It's meant to be a fun series part of the 75th anniversary, let's see how it shapes up :-)