August 28, 2005

The power of 69

To keep the Mumbai governor fine
How many doctors are needed? 69!
And no, this isn't funny
For it's the tax-payers' money
Casually being laid on the line.

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  1. Aparna,
    Just came across your site. When I saw the blog name, I thought it was written by a desi exile in Ireland. The reality is a lot, lot, funnier.

    Awesome blog. I love the idea of capturing news in limerick. Now, all we need is news in haiku :)

  2. Thanks reuben. Yes I guess that association would be made by many as one can see through a Google search on limerick :-)

    News in haiku/senryu...not a bad idea at all :)...hmm would love to give it a shot...only that most often this format has a serious tone of voice.