July 19, 2005

Time out

For the next ten days I'll shut this door
'Coz I have other tasks lying in store
Let silence reign
Unclog the brain
And I promise to be back soon with more!

Friends, I am off to do a 10-day Vipassana course. There will be more news after I get back. See you again in the first week of August!


  1. Not too long, just quick,
    Writing it all in limerick,
    Is an idea so nice,
    And for someone so wise,
    You seem to know the trade’s trick.

  2. Thanks! Its good to see the comments and rejoinders in verse...made my day :-)

  3. Anonymous10:18 AM

    Good luck. just can't imagine you silent :)

  4. Hey i am also pretty fond of churning out limericks :)

    Enjoy urself..