July 28, 2007


"Our Shambo the bull, is a God."
The Hindu, he said with a nod.
"So I find this prognosis
Of his tuberculosis,
A sacrilege, trifle too odd!"

Guardian 26/07/07: The long battle to save Shambo the temple bullock in the UK, ended when he was taken away for slaughter. Get the story here


  1. Except for the quote,
    (Have you taken note?)
    It is right after 'nod'
    Like a lonely sod,
    You've here sown a wild oat!

  2. Sorry for posting this comment here, but the Comment box in the Obesity post is acting funny and swallowed up a couple of words. Here it is:
    Oh, I wouldn't worry,
Don't spare the curry,

    What's a little weight?

    You can take more freight,

    You won't in a hurry!
    Maybe you can delete that comment?