May 21, 2007

On the occasion of National Limerick Day

A few days back, on 12th of May,
Was the National Limerick day.
Where - can you guess?
In the good ol' US!
And we had fun Newsmericks way!

In honor of the National Limerick Day celebrated in the US on May 12th, copy editor of TheTimes-, Ron Davis, posed some tough questions to Newsmericks. Read more about it here



  1. Gowri Shankar4:11 AM

    Wow! Congrats.

  2. padmaja iyengar1:25 PM

    Congratulations Aparna! Great interview!

  3. Nilanjan Bose5:13 PM

    Hi. Really loved your interview, especially your favopurite limerick. Made me smile on a particularly bad day at office. By the way I am Nilanjan Bose- a bong based out in Bombay, and sometimes post limericks on your blog though did not leave the name before. Thanks for running the show.

  4. Thank you all for your encouragement.
    And Nilanjan, it's good to know you :-)