April 12, 2007

Damn those diets!

There once lived a man who was round
Who was glad to hear diets were unsound
He claimed it was fate
That whatever he ate
Tended to pack in the pound!

Guardian 10/04/07: Diets don't work in long term, says survey


  1. padmaja iyengar1:09 PM

    What if I am a little round?
    I follow a routine quite sound.
    I do have a healthy diet
    With an occasional chocolate on the quiet!
    Even if calories pack in on the rebound!!!

  2. Though I do know the latter is in,
    I'd rather be round than stick thin
    Food gives me bliss
    so why should I miss
    That chocolate cake (tho' it's pure sin)?


  3. padmaja iyengar2:35 PM

    Why invite and suffer anorexia,
    Forced vomitting and diarrhoea
    When a block of chocolate
    And some goodies on a plate
    Can provide a state of euphoria?

    (Apu, looks like this topic affects us both?!!)

  4. LOL Padmaja, so true :-D

  5. I love this rhyming diet banter!!!

  6. Thanks Leon, and welcome to my blog. Join the fun!