May 22, 2006

Heading for trouble

Young Ramu took girlfriend to bed,
She got pregnant, 'coz he had misread,
The doctor's advice,
On birth control device,
And was wearing a cap on his head!

TOI 21/05/06: A survey of 50 adolescent boys from slums in Pune has revealed that only 28 of them used a condom. Another four said that they used "alternatives" like a balloon or even a milk bag! Twelve of the respondents said they didn't use anything. Read about the study here


  1. Great stuff!


  2. yeah read abt that one! pretty sad for the women eh? Great limerick though!

  3. Padmaja Iyengar5:02 PM

    If the survey is a sample,
    Then it is quite an example
    Of why birth control measures fail,
    In population control we trail
    And produce kids in nos. ample!

  4. WOW..

    I say again..WOW..

    and like I said before, WOW !!

    Great stuff, Aparna...was only familiar with your work on Caferati...when a friend told me about a great blog on newsmericks...I had a doubt it had to be you..and came to find it confirmed.

    More power to your pen...

    Cheers :D